HEALTH CHECK
Whether at your home or in my personal studio, the first steps to personal training are to meet the needs of the client with a basic health check. By this I mean understanding your physical needs and capabilities. Usually this would be conducted prior to any exercise but is not included in the initial 1 hour lesson - it is completely free of charge and normally takes no more than 15 or 20 minutes. Subsequently you have to make allowance for the first lesson being about 1hr 20 minutes long. It will involve a blood pressure check, blood glucose test, weigh-in, heart check and body measurements to obtain your BMI, also questions about your diet and exercise routine, if any? Also taking into account special considerations such as existing medical conditions, pregnancy, post-rehabilitation, medications taken etc. If you wish, the health check can be conducted every four to six weeks and is a good indictaion to both the instructor and client of how things are progressing. Each client is different and may want to get different things from the sessions, different goals, maybe to lower blood pressure or BMI or perhaps to loose weight or to improve general health. The more experienced may wish to concentrate on muscle tone, core strength or maybe posture correction or cardio fitness. The health check will be invaluable in these circumstances and comparisons can be made with previous weeks to build up a picture of progression.
           WHAT TO EXPECT


Customized programming: 

Having taken everything into consideration (Health Check), I can create a customized exercise program for you, designed to help you reach your unique health and fitness goals.


Correct Technique:

When exercising, safety is the number one priority. I will teach you the proper mechanics of each exercise and will ensure that you are performing each with correct form, thus maximizing the efficiency of your workouts.


Enhance motivation:

Who wouldn't like a little extra motivation? Having a scheduled session with me promotes accountabiity on your part, and can assist in developing adherence in the long run to making exercise a regular part of your routine. In addition to the outside motivation I can also help you develope a more positive outlook on exercise by exploring options for making exercise more enjoyable, reviewing short term progress towards goals, and assessing feeling and mood-state changes related to exercise, thereby improving self-confidence and self-motivation.


Alleviate boredom:

Believe it or not excercise can be fun. I can help you select activities that you enjoy, and also choose exercise that will keep you challenged and on track towards reaching your fitness goals. 


            MATES RATES


Some of you may prefer to exercise with a friend, in which case 'mates rates' would apply, allowing you to spread the cost and save a little at the same time. Normally £30 for an individual session, I do two persons for £45 at my studio. Block booking concessions also available see 'price list'


As a qualified instuctor I have a multitude of techniques at my disposal. I can teach anything from Pilates to Boxercise, depending on your health check and what your personal requirements and goals are, I will endevour to get the best out of you. Concentrating as necessary on muscle tone, core strength, posture and cardio fitness. I can use any number of disciplines or just one, such as Pilates. 


If you cancel your session with less than 24 hours notice (including Friday for a Monday appointment) or fail to show or forget, then you may be subject to paying full session fee. If you are late to a session, I will do my best to get the most out of the remaining time left in the session as I am unable to run over time due to previously arranged client or business commitments.

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