So I've been to keep fit for 3 weeks and today I managed to do the down dog and a sit up from lying down. I know you mite say 'so what'  but it's a big achievement for me.

Wendy Amis Collins, Facebook


Great pilates class tonight, especially the chalk line.... Thanks Jane x

Larissa Howarth, Facebook

Done my first pilates class this afternoon, since before the wedding. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Jane xx

Zoe Thomas, Facebook



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fitness classes in rochester strood borstal kent
fitness classes in rochester strood borstal kent

This lady is excellent and comes thoroughly recommended.

Annette Lebreton, Facebook

You will get results with Jane she is a fab instructor. Highly recommended.

Cheryl Gisby, Facebook


Woo! That session was tough but was definitely worth it! Thank you Jane, your like the teacher we always wanted that gets results. You bring meaning to the saying 'no pain, no gain' :0)

Paul Ross, Facebook


fitness classes in rochester strood borstal kent
fitness classes in rochester strood borstal kent
fitness classes in rochester strood borstal kent

I have a disability very similar to cerebral palsy. I was desperate to have a baby and the gym just wasn't getting me the results I needed. I was almost two stone overweight for my height but to make a better difference to my health I needed to lose four stone!. Jane convinced me to join  her class..... I thought I would be a problem? but because of Jane's amazing expertise at class teaching I was thrown in with everyone else..... Jane has a talent for helping everyone regardless of disability or weakness or injury..... I fell pregnant , I had to thank Jane because there is just no way  that was going to happen without her help and she was one of the first to know. If you want to get fit and really good results that can last and change your life, try Jane's classes. She really is the best, you can't go wrong with this amazing teacher. Once again Jane, thank you. 

Marie Wheeler, letter


I have to thank you Jane for changing my relationship with my condition. Last time I moved house I could hardly move for days and suffered for months afterwards. This time I did some of my stretches and whilst my back and facets have complained it's all been bearable and I know that's down to your Pilates instruction.

Paula Robb, Facebook


fitness classes in rochester strood borstal kent
fitness classes in rochester strood borstal kent
fitness classes in rochester strood borstal kent

Just wanted to say a big 'thank you' Jane for all your help and support over the last three months. Your care and expertise has really helped my recovery and been an integral part of me regaining strength and use of my wrist and hand.

Moira McAllister, Facebook


You really are a superstar - You've helped me and challenged me to do much more at Body Tone & Pilates, I'm getting much more movement back without even realising until someone else comments!. I really appreciate it. If anyone reads this post that needs some physical activity to tone up, lose weight or because of a disability, please come along to a class. Jane adapts classes to suit abilities. There's lots to choose from or check out 'Jane Brennan Fitness' on FaceBook or Google.

Hazel Davison, Facebook


Well attended class as ever, your classes are brilliant, hard working and thoroughly good fun and you certainly make sure we're doing it right. Thank you for all your hard work..

Tina Smith, Facebook

I've been a regular at Jane's classes for 7 years, since I retired.  Jane is a brilliant instructor. When I first started I had fairly serious back issues and was 'stiff as a board'. Her knowledge of Pilates, stretch, yoga etc has saved me hundreds of pounds in osteopaths fees and kept my back stable. I have also really enjoyed getting fit. Jane is a motivator. She adapts exercises to suit any level of ability and she works sucessfully across the range, from the chair-bound to the karate champion!. I have never been bored for one second in Jane's classes. She constantly introduces new material and has a wealth of knowledge across the whole spectrum of fitness. You will never regret working with her

Jan Hawke, Letter

Tonights Pilates has really turned my crap day around! The relaxation section at the end was fab, now chilling at home with the candles on!...

Lauren Jackson, Facebook

I first got in touch with Jane at the beginning of January to see if she could help me. I had been suffering from Sciatica since early December and was desperate to find the correct exercises to help. Since then I have had one-one sessions with Jane every week and can’t believe the improvement.  Now, I don’t need pain relief and I feel much fitter. I can’t thank Jane enough and now intend to continue seeing her to keep improving my general overall fitness.  Many thanks Jane!

Angela Penny, Email

I have some issues with the flexibility of my lower back and hamstrings due to years of not stretching them out properly. My posture when performing any stretches was also wrong so that I didn’t get the right type of stretch to work the areas that truly needed it. I have been having personal stretching sessions with Jane to try and rectify this. Jane has taught me how to correct my posture when stretching so that it maximises the effectiveness of the work I put into it. After three sessions I am already seriously feeling the benefits. My whole back is now noticeably looser and less tense. It’s so relaxing with it not being stiff that it has a positive impact not only on my physical wellbeing, but mental too. I have some personal goals that I want to achieve with my flexibility and I really couldn’t have started to get there without the personalised stretching routines that Jane has designed for me. Coupled with her hands on, friendly and professional approach to training her clients the effectiveness of the sessions is maximised. I get home work too which consists of stretches that specifically target the areas that need work. Everyone’s body, level of fitness and goals are different. Jane will tailor her sessions with you so that you get the most out of your time and effort. You start to see a positive impact much more quickly with the professional advice and experience she provides to her clients. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey towards my physical goals with Jane and the reassurance that I will be doing my exercises safely and effectively. Thanks Jane xx

Clint Mitchell, Email

I In the past three years, I have had both knees replaced and, as I no longer had knee pain, I joined my local gym to try and get fit again. However, I lacked the confidence to actually go to the gym as I was frightened of doing more damage to myself! After a few weeks of Jane’s excellent Pilates classes I feel my confidence returning as well as my overall fitness. Jane is attentive to your needs in the class and if she knows that certain moves will cause you difficulties, she always has an alternative you can do. Even though I know I will probably ache the next day, I always look forward to her classes and would recommend anyone to have a go, whatever your current ability. You have nothing to lose!

Kate Jones, Email

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